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Weather Medic’s Mission Statement:

A personalized weather service, focused on the needs of the client, and dedicated to providing the most reliable, up to date meteorological information available in a timely and affordable manner.

Jack Kanack, Founder and President of Weather Medic:

My fascination with meteorology began very early in life. As I matured, my interest in “all things weather” matured as well, leading me to focus on the geosciences and meteorology in college. After receiving my B.S. degree in Geoscience from Buffalo State College in Buffalo, NY, I continued my education with specific weather-related courses including Synoptic Meteorology, Climatology, Weather Broadcasting, Global Warming, and an Independent Study in Meteorology, among others. Not only did I take meteorological courses, but applied my new-found skills and knowledge daily as a weather observer for the National Weather Service. In 2008 I received the prestigious John Campanius Holm Award for outstanding service in the Cooperative Weather Observer Program.


Thomas Niziol, meteorologist-in-charge, Buffalo weather forecasting office:

"Recognizing his 26 years of service to America, NOAA’s National Weather Service has named North Tonawanda, N.Y., resident Jack Kanack as a 2008 recipient of the agency’s John Campanius Holm Award for outstanding service in the Cooperative Weather Observer Program. Only 25 of these awards are presented each year to cooperative weather observers from around the country, without Mr. Kanack, scientists could not begin to adequately describe the climate of the United States. We thank Mr. Kanack for his years of service to America."

"Jack Kanack became the official cooperative observer at the North Tonawanda site on April 1, 1982, when the station began reporting daily temperature, precipitation, and snowfall data for the National Weather Service. He provides critical weather information that affects the northern suburbs of Buffalo, along with the eastern suburbs of the city of Niagara Falls in one of the snowiest metropolitan locations in the country."

Dr. Steven Vermette, PhD. Meteorology and Professor, Geography & Planning at Buffalo State College:

"Jack Kanack is keenly aware of Western New York’s unique weather and respected by those in the weather community. It is my observation that Weather Medic works hard to satisfy its client’s issues - making your weather issues its own"

Let me use my expertise to make the weather work for you. Please contact me at Weather Medic, Inc.


Jack W. Kanack
President and Founder
Weather Medic Inc

84 South Meadow Drive
North Tonawanda, New York, 14120-4823
Phone Number: (716) 245-5755
Cell Phone Number: (716) 535-7590
Fax Number: (716) 693-3927
E-mail: info@weathermedic.com
Skype Phone Number: (716) 245-5755
Skype Name: weathermedic

Jack Kanack

Jack W. Kanack, center, joined by Dr. Stephen Vermette, left – Professor, Geography & Planning, Buffalo State College, Buffalo, New York and Mr. Tom Niziol, right Meteorologist in Charge, National Weather Service Forecast Office, Buffalo, New York.

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