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This section is devoted to all the people who thought they would never have ANY reason to seek weather advice, but there comes a time when everyone is affected by the weather and a professional opinion is warranted.

Weather, like everything else in today’s world is becoming more specialized. You are exposed to a constant barrage of maps, satellite and radar images, when all you want is a simple, straightforward answer to your weather questions. Let Weather Medic, Inc. give you the edge you need to make the best decision possible in all Geographical regions in the United Sates .

Our goal at Weather Medic, Inc. is to provide you with detailed information that can be quickly accessed and easily understood. Specializing in Weather Forecasting Information & Advice.

Our rates for a single time help start as low as a one-time $25 fee.

Cases that are more complex are billed at a rate of $50/hour.

We can quickly answer most weather questions to give you the advantage when planning around the weather.

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Why should I use Weather Medic, Inc. to give me weather information/forecasts when I could listen to the local news or access the internet?

Answer: The professional staff at Weather Medic, Inc. constantly looks at the latest computer models, radar and satellite information, and uses multiple models coupled with years of service to make sure the forecast provided for you is as accurate as possible.

Our weather forecasts are point specific for your exact location and function; they are not a general area-wide forecast such as the ones you hear on the radio or TV. Our weather radar has a 100 foot resolution with GPS coordinates that can pinpoint your geographical location and keep you informed so that the unexpected doesn’t happen. We can tell you how fast and in what direction a storm is moving and how far that storm is from your location. Weather Medic, Inc. does more than tell you there is a 40% chance of rain; we give you start and end times of rain, intensity of rain, and character of rain, which is soaking, showery, wind driven, or drizzle, so you can have the information you need to complete those time-sensitive outdoor activities. We can even tell you what 40% chance of rain actually means!

Please select the Weather Medic Weather Select, to save time, unnecessary costs, and aggravation.

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$25/hour Rush Charge

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