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You’ve planned every detail of your wedding, from the gown to the flowers, but there’s nothing you can do about the weather, right? Wrong! I can’t guarantee you perfect weather for your wedding, but I can give you accurate, location specific details about the weather that will allow you to plan for every contingency. How much is it worth to make sure your guests and wedding party have an umbrella in the event of inclement weather?

Nothing can ruin a wedding faster than lousy weather. A lot of money, planning and time is invested to create the perfect wedding. Why suffer through all the weather anxiety if outdoor wedding plans are in the works and you are just hoping for good weather. I can not do anything about the weather, however, I can help you pick a favorable wedding date using past climatic data and then forewarn you if inclement weather is about to occur during your wedding.

You focus on the perfect wedding; we will focus on the perfect weather.

Our goal at Weather Medic, Inc. is to provide you with detailed information that can be quickly accessed and easily understood.

An example of a wedding forecast derived from the data below for July 11 would read:

“A mild temperature with low humidity, wind speed and no chance of rain indicates a comfortable evening for you and your guests. Enjoy dancing at night under an almost full moon.”

Let WEATHER MEDIC, INC. help make your wedding successful. Our philosophy is to take a “ready, set, go” approach.

Please feel free to browse what wedding weather information we offer below and for an extra $10 per guest, we will provide that guest with a weather travel forecast to your location. For an extra $ 25 we will give you a Honeymoon Forecast.

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Weather forecasts include the following:

Local past climatology of your wedding date, example below:

There is a 72% chance of no measurable rain occurring on July 11.

There is a 28% chance of measurable rain occurring on July 11.

Normals and Records for Jul 11
Buffalo, New York

Average Temp: 71° Normal High: 80° Normal Low: 62°

Record High

Coldest High

Warmest Low

Record Low

94° in 1946 62° in 1919 74° in 1987 43° in 1945

Normal Precipitation

Record Precipitation

Record Snowfall

0.10 2.02 in 1897 -- in --

Sunset: 8:55 PM
Moon phase – Waxing Gibbous – 81% of the moon illuminated.

A preliminary weather outlook of temperature and precipitation 10 days, 8 days, and 6 days before the event. Example would be

There is a 40% chance of below normal temperatures, 33% chance of normal temperatures, and a 27% chance of above normal temperatures on your wedding day.

There is a 50% chance of it being dryer than normal, a 33% of normal precipitation, and a 17% chance of it being wetter than normal on your wedding day.

Weather Medic, Inc. will then send you an e-mail of a more detailed weather forecast at 4 days and at 48 hours as the weather forecast begins to become more focused.

Weather Medic, Inc. will alert you as to any potential hazardous weather during your wedding. Weather does not have to be severe to have an impact on your wedding, for example: if an extremely hot day is expected, you would want to know that in advance so cool drinks could be provided for parched guests, what about large fans? Will the wedding cake melt in the heat? Have you considered any sun or illumination issues if you have an evening event scheduled? Weather Medic, Inc. will provide you with the information, all included in the Wedding Package.

Weather Medic, Inc. will also give you our confidence of the forecast. An example would be:

Saturday, July 11 at 4pm

Temperature: 77 °F Dewpoint: 46 °F Heat Index: N/A Surface Wind: E 9mph
Sky Cover: 30‰ Precipitation Potential: 0‰ Relative Humidity: 34‰
Thunder: <10‰ Rain: <10‰ -- Confidence of forecast: High

We will then if inclement weather happens to fall on your special day get in touch with you by phone with specific details and radar reports to help make the most out of your day.

Common questions and answers?

Why should I use Weather Medic, Inc. to give me a weather forecast when I could use my cell phone?

Answer: The professional staff at Weather Medic, Inc. is constantly looking at the latest computer models, weather radar and satellite information. We provide a 2 and 4 day forecast so you could best plan for outdoor time during the wedding. I can not begin to tell you how many wedding parties planned outdoor wedding pictures only to have heavy rain the entire day with no indoor wedding picture plans.

Our weather forecasts are point specific, which is where you are. We forecast for your specific location, not a general, area - wide forecast similar to the ones you listen to on the radio or TV. Did you know that the average life cycle of thunderstorms in Western New York is 25 to 30 minutes? We silently watch your location throughout the day of the wedding so something unexpected does not happen. Our weather radar has a 100 foot resolution with GPS Coordinates; we also can detect lightning, hail, storm rotation, and tornadoes. We can even tell you how fast and what direction a storm is moving and how far that storm is from your location. In certain cases, there might be a small window of opportunity when outdoor pictures can be taken between storms; let us help you make those decisions.

We would want nothing more than for you to have a successful wedding with all wedding guests safe.

Pay by PayPal
$39 Wedding Forecasts
$25 Honeymoon Forecasts
Travel Forecast for Wedding Guests - $10/guest
Weather Radio Broadcast Network 1 Live Weather Forecast Per Day - $300/month includes taped forecast
2 Live Weather Forecasts Per Day- $450/month includes taped forecast
Additional Live Forecast- add $150/month includes taped forecast
Other Selections: Normals & Records for major United States cities - $ 2 per city per day
Regional Weather Roundup- $ 2 per Roundup
Daily Precipitation Totals by Zip Code - $ 2 per day per zip code
Monthly Precipitation Totals by Zip Code - $ 4 per month per zip code
Daily Climatological Report- $ 2 per day per city
Monthly Climatological Report- $ 4 per month per city
Marine Buoy Information - $ 2 for a 24 hour report

Weather Select Order Page

eMail me now: info@weathermedic.com

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